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     My name is Connor Chung, and I am a young and dynamic 27 year old writing out of San Diego, California. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Russian studies from the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Currently, I am a full time graduate student at the University of Oklahoma, where I am pursuing a Master of Arts in global affairs. My passion lie in the realm of geopolitics, especially in matters concerning Russia and China.

     Liberty, duty, integrity; these values remain the chief guiding principles that shape my world every day. As a conservative, I am an advocate of free market principles as the best generator of wealth and prosperity for the whole of society. That being said, I am an American first and foremost. My allegiance will always belong to this country rather than any political party or ideology. 

     We live in a very tumultuous era of American history to say the least. A large portion of Americans have become outright disgusted with their fellow countrymen by virtue of their political views alone. The United States of America has always been strongest when united, not divided. It is more important now than ever, that we, as Americans, learn to facilitate dialogue with each other that we may bridge our differences for the sake of our future as a nation.


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The Rise of China
Connor Chung

San Diego
United States

Exploring China’s meteoric rise to global prominence.

Nov 15, 2023

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