There are Many Ways to Support OUR NATIONAL CONVERSATION

Some have indicated they would like to support ONC in a quiet way.  We've been asked if there is a way for supporters to simply make a contribution to ONC.  There is.  Contributions are most welcome!  Go to:


Others have asked if they can buy bulk books (see Let's Fix America," on Amazon) that we will send to members of congress, the media, think tanks, etc.  Yes, anything is possible.  Contact us at [email protected].


Still others have inquired about sponsoring individual interns, providing a stipend. Many of our interns don't come from a place of privilege and this would be very much appreciated.  If you want to host only conservative students, or moderate students, or liberal students, we can do that, too.  We will do our best to keep everything in balance. 


Maybe you'd like to sponsor or co-host one of our events. There is not limit to what we can do together.  Get in touch and let's talk.


We aren't there yet, but ONC will be applying to become a "B" corporation (public benefit corporation). Some think we should be a nonprofit, but if you look closely, IRS rules indicate nonprofits are supposed to stay out of politicking, influencing legislation, etc. 


At ONC, we will not be endorsing candidates but we will be putting out ideas and proposals we hope will gain attention from members of congress.  Our current corporate structure is for-profit, much like Fox, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times or other media outlets. 

If we can become economically self-sustaining, we can maintain our editorial independence and stay nonpartisan forever.  Remaining neutral, fair and balanced is like religion to us. If an advertiser or investor has any desire to influence us in one direction or another -- or influence coverage -- they are encouraged to go elsewhere.  Thank you for your understanding.


Think of ONC as your voice, or our voice.  If you want to actually invest in ONC, click on our "Investors" button.


Want to contact us?  Send an email to [email protected].


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