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The Taylor Swift Dust-Up
Jeffrey Hall

Feb 02, 2024

It's official: the conspiracy theorists have completely lost their minds.

Quite a few of my friends are conservative, as in MAGA conservative. 

I like to debate with them, tease them now and them -- maybe even egg them on a bit.

I do this to my friends on the left, also.  I'm an equal opportunity offender.  Both sides can be ridiculous at times.

This whole MAGA-world story that claims "Taylor Swift is a Pentagon agent engaging in a psy-op to re-elect Joe Biden (and she will endorse Joe Biden during half-time at the Super Bowl)" seems particularly ripe for teasing. 

I couldn't believe it when I first heard this, I thought it was a joke. 

But I can tell, from one exchange I had with one of my conservative friends, he doesn't find it funny at all.  Another conservative friend kinda sees a chuckle in all this -- maybe -- but just barely. 

After all, he noted, Travis Kelce -- Kansas City Chief tight-end and current boyfriend to Taylor Swift -- once appeared in an ad promoting Pfizer's anti-Covid vaccine.

That'll do it.

Meanwhile, anti-Trumpsters are having a field day with this. They think this whole thing is hilarious, right up there with Hillary Clinton running a child sex ring out of the basement of a pizza shop.

From Stephen Colbert:

“The same people who believe Joe Biden has dementia and needs Kamala Harris to feed him butterscotch tapioca every night also believe that he has somehow planned and executed a diabolically brilliant scheme to fix the NFL playoffs so the biggest pop star in the world can pop up on the Jumbotron during the Super Bowl in between a Kia and a Tostitos commercial to hypnotise her 11-year-old fans into voting for Joe Biden. I mean, it makes sense. It makes total sense. These people. These people think football is fake and wrestling is real.”

This article, from The Independent, does a pretty good job, I think, of covering all this -- in case you haven't heard of this yet or want to know more.

As noted above, I think both sides can be ridiculous.

My liberal friends can't understand why conservatives are so concerned about what's going on at our southern border. 

They are SO out of touch. Of course most Americans are concerned! The situation has been out of control -- seemingly ignored -- under Biden and voters are definitely paying attention. Where's Kamala when you need her? Wasn't she supposed to fix all this?

I was watching a cable TV talk show the other night and it was suggested to Republican pollster Frank Luntz that Biden still had time to turn this situation around. He could tighten up the border and the issue would fade away by November.

Luntz seemed to think not -- the damage was, by now, done, in his opinion.  Democrats: Check out this Republican-led hearing and see what the Republicans see.

I never understood why Team Biden didn't take the border more seriously. If Biden loses in November, I think immigration will be a big reason.

Clearly the MAGA crowd wants Trump to win in November. I get it.

But they should focus on interest rates, inflation and the border -- and lay off Taylor Swift, in my opinion. 

It just seems like a dumb political strategy if you are looking for votes. Read this from Rolling Stone:

“Waging a war on Taylor Swift is certainly not a way to win over the young voters and women that they’ve been hemorrhaging,” said Kaivan Shroff, press secretary for the Gen-Z progressive group Dream for America.

It is said young people made a big difference getting out the vote for Joe Biden in 2020.  They seem far less enthusiastic about Sleepy Joe this time around.

But if MAGA World causes Taylor Swift's fan base to rise up and vote for Biden, they might wonder why they provoked all this in the first place -- especially if Biden wins in a close race.

Of course, if Biden does win in a close race, many Trump supporters will say it was another rigged election. That could be followed by several more years of misery.

Makes one kind of wish we were already in 2028 instead of 2024. Surely by then we won't have Biden or Trump as candidates and maybe we can start a fresh new chapter in American politics.

This year will, I hope, be the last of the crazy years.  We have a country to run. It's time to get serious.




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