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The Importance of Securing Our Nation's Borders
Connor Chung

Feb 07, 2024

Exploring the implications of porous borders on the integrity of a nation's well-being.

Illegal immigration in the United States has skyrocketed in recent years under the Biden administration. In 2021, there were 1.9 million registered unlawful border crossings. In 2022, this number increased to 2.7 million. In 2023, the number of illegal entries reached an unprecedented 3.2 million, in stark contrast to just over 400,000 in 2020. If these numbers make one thing clear, it’s the degradation of the very integrity of our nation's borders. Secure borders are integral in preserving a nation’s identity, preventing economic pandemonium and ensuring those who wish to enter undergo the rigorous vetting process necessary in determining whether their entrance is merited. Porous borders risk undermining the framework that guards the general well-being of the nation.

As of late, the United States has found itself mired in a flurry of domestic tensions. This tension recently manifested in the form of a hot-headed border dispute between the State of Texas and the federal government last week. After the Supreme Court ruled in the federal government’s favor, giving them access to border areas under the control of the Texas National Guard, the situation took a dramatic and unprecedented turn. The Biden administration presented Texas with an ultimatum: withdraw the Texas National Guard responsible for fortifying the state’s borders and allow federal forces to enter and dismantle the border's security measures, or else. Texas governor Greg Abbott's decision to hold fast to his conviction beyond the January 26th deadline outlined by the Biden administration represents a hallmark moment in recent American history as well as the rekindling of the unique and timeless qualities of the original American spirit. 

As Americans, we have always possessed that obstinate and ragged edge. We constantly question authority, knowing the dangers of an expansive and self-serving bureaucracy whose interests are gradually removed from that of the everyday American, supplated instead by an all-encompassing global interest that cares little for preserving the concept of nationhood or a distinct national identity; in fact, it works to actively erode these concepts. The revolutionary war was fought on the basis that the American people collectively decided that the mandate on power enjoyed by the current authority had expired by general consensus of the people, regardless of any tedious or obscure set of laws enacted in a far-off office by the ruling elite that might have stated otherwise. It is this mindset that sets us apart and makes us a thorn in the side of those who harbor international interests in direct contention with our own. 

Immigration can be a mutually beneficial affair if carried out within the necessary legal framework. It occurs when an individual ensures that they meet the relevant list of criteria, fill out the paperwork and swear a loyalty oath inside a civil office. It’s hardly a surprise to anyone that immigrating to a new country is a long and tedious process, but such is the price of achieving something worthwhile. Many people in the third world prefer a life in America to their home country. However, that does not give them the right to undermine the efforts of those who have worked hand over fist to enter the U.S. legally. Moreover, the plight of the third world alone does not elicit the obligation that the United States must compromise the integrity of its borders and bear the destructive burden of illegal immigration en masse on its behalf. 

Texas has shown that the American spirit has not perished quite yet. Unlike legal immigrants, their illegal counterparts do not pay taxes yet receive access to many of the same resources, placing unnecessary strain on taxpayer-funded public services. Additionally, illegal immigration puts downward pressure on wages at a time where inflation has already diminished the purchasing power of those hard-working and tax-paying Americans. The U.S. has certain sectors of the economy in need of skilled professionals, and there are avenues for those individuals to be considered for immigration if they possess the relevant credentials. A failure to meet those criteria means you are ineligible. It is simply not possible to properly vet the millions of illegal migrants at the rate at which they have been flooding our nation. The forces responsible for purposefully undermining the sovereignty and integrity of our nation's borders must be held accountable on behalf of both American-born citizens as well as those who have worked tirelessly in solidarity with our country to become Americans themselves.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the individual author.

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